Move Well, Move Often

First and foremost, everything we do is designed to challenge your body by only using the safest possible variations of the exercise. Our staff is excited to share a new wave of safety in movement in a fun and inclusive environment.

We have cut back the excess and simplified the routines while simultaneously enhanced the benefits of many existing methods. By having such a well-rounded staff with unparalleled backgrounds, accomplishments, and qualifications, we were able to pull from those experiences and create what we think is the best way to be active and get in shape.


Fire Fitness prepares your body to with stand life instead of breakdown

At Fire fitness, we hope to keep you and your body engaged in life for the long run. The days of repetitiously overtraining and pushing the body to the brink of exhaustion are unnecessary, and lead to breakdown are over.

Why Choose Us!

All of our routines will provide an effective low impact combination of cardio and strength training that is sure to make you feel great.


As apart of the brand we bring you this intelligent training in a modern experiential setting.

The minimalist feels evident throughout is directly enhanced with our unique equipment and technology.


  • Stick mobility
  • Viking Ninja Systems
  • Social media lounge
  • 3d body scale
  • Echo Airdyne bikes
  • Water Rowers
  • Heart Rate monitors
  • Techo-gym
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Our clients trust us. See what they say about us.

Dear Spain,

We have been working out together for over 12 years! Above and beyond you being hands down THE BEST trainer (which is indisputable in my book), I consider you one of my closest and dearest friends.

I am super excited for you to establish Fire Fitness in Wyckoff. I have the utmost confidence that this opportunity will elevate your game to an entirely new level. It is so well deserved and the best is yet to come, my friend!

B. Bofford

About 9 years ago, I signed up for a group fitness class hoping to get my body in good shape and learn a bit more about conditioning … But with Spain, I left with vastly more. Spain taught me how to train my body hard on my terms with my lower back limitations. I learned how to do exercises that I never thought I could do but in a modified manner. I learned how with the right trainer, that my body was not weaker than others, it just needed the guidance from a highly skilled instructor like Spain to show me the proper way to find my strength, and while I was finding my strength, he guided me in my nutritional needs to fuel my body properly. Over the last 9 plus years, trainers have come and gone. Here is the difference. Not only is Spain the best trainer for your body, but he is the best trainer for your mind and soul. While you’re working your body, he is right there feeding you the confidence, support and the laughter you need to get through the toughest workouts with a smile. Spain has been so detrimental in my wellness, that I have entrusted him with my son’s fitness for the last two years. My son is an athlete wanting to compete at the collegiate level, and there is no one else that I would trust to guide my son through all his fitness, nutritional and spiritual needs other than Spain.

S. Lupo

I have trained with Spain for over 10 years. Initially, I was training with another trainer, but whenever I saw Spain and his clients they were all smiling, having fun, and working hard. I asked to work with Spain and have never regretted it. He has never let me down. Spain is passionate about fitness and his clients. I can honestly say that in over 10 years of training together every weekday morning with Spain, I have never been bored. It is almost always the best part of my day. Spain has the skills, knowledge, and creativity to make every exercise a challenge. Everyone that trains with Spain grows to consider him more than a trainer, he becomes a good friend! And, no better friend there is!!

M. L. Gross

I have known and trained with Spain for more than 14 years and over that span of that time, he has not only changed my body but also my mind and soul. It is my firm belief that Spain doesn’t do what he does for monetary reasons but for the love of people and for the desire to help them become who they were meant to be. His number one priority is to educate clients on how to make “safe” fitness part of your life so that they will avoid injury and become their best with every year that goes by. His easy-going nature, professionalism, education, and innovative methods make him, in my opinion, the top in his field.

I remember there were days that I didn’t want to work out but the thought of not showing and letting him down always drew me there like a moth to a light. I never wanted to disappoint him because I know he believed in me sometimes more then I believed in myself. His unique training techniques and beliefs in wellness and fitness changed my way of thinking about food and exercise.

Over the years has gone from my trainer to someone I consider to be a close friend. My family and I are blessed to have such a talented and caring person in our lives and I recommend any and all training classes, gyms or educational classes that you can get from him.

Kim Frain

Need Individual Training?

We are looking to supplement your efforts in life by giving you more variety. Specifically cardio at Fire Fitness that is designed to incorporate all major muscle groups essentially engaging the total body and giving you more of what you want.